Footage From Recent ISIS Prison Break Attempt And US Air Response

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

Over the weekend, a detention center operated by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Hasakeh experienced an attempted prison break by thousands of ISIS prisoners.

Security camera footage shows prisoners attempting to cover cameras with pieces cloth before attempting to escape. The SDF claims none of the prisoners were able to escape.

Other video clips display repeated shows of force by US airpower, buzzing at low levels over the prison to warn the prisoners of what awaits them should they leave the facility. The OIR coalition announced that it also sent aerial surveillance assets to the prison, likely drones with lengthy loiter capabilities to observe the area.

According to the prison officials, the rioting ISIS fighters had total control of the ground floor at one point. They removed doors and dug holes in walls. There are approximately 12,000 ISIS fighters in various SDF detention facilities across northern Syria.



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