Pakistani Troops Stop In Killzone, Pay The Price

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Published Sept. 25, 2020

A video filmed by Pakistani separatists of the Balochistan region on Mar. 26th, 2020, shows a relatively close range ambush against a truckload of Pakistan troops, resulting in significant casualties for the government forces.

the gunmen's leisure.

There are certainly no guarantees in combat, but had the driver attempted to speed up and push through or even an attempt at a panicked 10-point turn around on a narrow mountain road would have increased their chances of survival greatly.

Once they stopped and got out they doomed themselves. That light technical truck offers concealment but no actual cover against small arms. The reports of the gunshots echo through the mountains making it near impossible to tell where the shots were coming from as demonstrated by the soldier with his back toward the enemy in full view.

They are literally sitting in the middle of the killzone presenting the best possible target for their adversaries. Meanwhile, their adversaries sit on the high ground in elevated, preplanned, prepared fighting positions from which they only have to partially expose themselves to take well-aimed shots. Get off the "X"



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