Funker530 was started as a hobby project on YouTube by Funker, to show his family and friends some videos from his deployment as a light machine gunner to Kandahar, Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces on YouTube in 2008. 

The channel began to grow through YouTube's algorithm, and more and more veterans began joining the community and submitting their footage. The YouTube channel soon became a place for veterans to share their experiences with the world, and help civilians and military families better understand what our troops go through on a deployment.

It became apparent that there was a need for a veteran community online, so Funker launched a Facebook Page which has grown to over 2 million members, where veterans can stay connected and share their opinions on world events with everyone.

Funker530.com started as a simple blog for our veteran writers to share their opinions on global military events and provide analysis of combat footage from their own experiences, but has now evolved into a home for veterans and those who support our troops to stay informed and connected on all relevant topics.

Funker also launched Funker Gaming on Facebook in 2018, which gives veterans another way to stay connected in a positive community that centers around military games during daily live streams. 

The new Funker530.com offers a unique comment system for our users, where moderators can reward exceptional comments and users with comment awards,  and free Funker merch from our StreamElements shop. The comment and user system is still in early beta, but is being developed to keep track of your comment points in a system that will allow users to redeem their positive and constructive engagement with the community for real world rewards.

All branches of Funker are owned and operated by veterans, and always will be. Our mission is to give veterans a place to connect, and give honest and unbiased reports on global events. We do not consider ourselves diehard right or left wing, we only care about freedom, justice, honesty, and ensuring our brothers stay connected and have a voice during and after service.

For advertising and media inquiries, bug reports, article corrections, or for technical support regarding our mobile app please email [email protected].

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