Canadian Mass Shooter May Have Been RCMP Agent, Evidence Suggests

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Published Oct. 25, 2020

Compelling evidence, largely and strangely ignored by the mainstream Canadian news media, suggests that the gunmen responsible for the largest mass shooting in Canadian history, Gabriel Wortman, was likely a confidential agent, or in some way affiliated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Just before the deadly April shooting, Wortman walked in and withdrew $475,000 from a Brinks depot. That money was funneled from CIBC Intria, which handles currency transfers and transactions. The procedure he used is same process the RCMP uses to transfer "flash money" below the radar to confidential informants and agents. The process is also not available to average citizens, meaning Wortman would have had some sort of affiliation with the RCMP.

Additionally, the massive amount of cash withdrawn is well over that which is allowed for confidential informants, usually only a couple hundred dollars at a time, which greatly suggests that Wortman was at the very least an agent of the RCMP.

While the RCMP claims to have no "special relationship" with Wortman, sources from the banking industry as well and from within the RCMP said those withdrawal procedures are only available to the RCMP and not to average citizen banking customers. For an average citizen to withdraw that much money, there would be significant scrutiny applied by the bank and the process would not be immediate, nor would any bank allow for the withdrawal to go through Brinks.

Commenting on the case, a banking official said the process to withdrawal that kind of money would take days, and the bank manager would personally meet with the customer in a back room to count the money out, ensuring that the right amount of money goes to the right person.

Reports highlighted other red flags of Wortman's possible involvement with the RCMP, including incidents where he was caught with illegal firearms, but received no legal repercussions, as well as domestic abuse incidents that were never legally addressed, suggesting he was being protected by the RCMP.

An analysis of Wortman's employment and financial records also suggested that it would be very unlikely that he would have had that amount of available cash in reserve.

Families of Wortman's victims have expressed dissatisfaction with the stalled investigation and lack of forthcoming information regarding the evidence suggesting the shooter was linked to the Mounties.

So while we still don't have any answers regarding the shooting itself, the Canadian government has wasted no time in pushing massive gun bans against its law abiding citizens based on a mass shooting that has all the hallmarks of an undercover RCMP operation.



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