North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un In Severe Medical Condition, Or Worse

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Published Sept. 28, 2020

Kim Jung Un, the leader of the North Korean rogue state is reportedly experiencing a severe medical condition that is being closely monitored by US intelligence.

Kim's current undisclosed medical condition stems from complications related to a recent cardiovascular system surgery. He was reportedly in poor health due to smoking and obesity combined with the stress of his leadership position.

Due to the withdrawn nature of the isolationist nation, information is not forthcoming and has lead to a plethora of rumors about Kim's fate. Various unconfirmed Tweets have suggested he is in a coma, brain dead, and others have even went as far as saying that he is dead. All we know for sure is that he has suffered complications following a surgery.

Regardless of the specific diagnosis, if Kim should be vacated from his rule, serious implications arise as to who within the NK government takes operational control of their nukes. What does this mean for the region with current relations between China and the US already seriously strained by the coronavirus pandemic?



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