Navy To Reinstate Captain Crozier To Command Carrier Theodore Roosevelt

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Published Sept. 28, 2020

The US Navy has decided to reinstate previously relieved Captain Brett Crozier to his command of the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, but the decision still has to be approved by Defense Secretary Esper.

Crozier was fired after one of his emails was leaked to the media. The email pleaded for big Navy to act drastically to save his crew aboard the carrier which was succumbing to a rapidly spreading infection of COVID-19. It was sent through improper channels and bypassed his chain of command.

The leaked email led to embarrassment of his superiors, at which point he was fired in a very disrespectful and absurd manner by then acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly. Modly ended up being forced to resign based on his handling of the situation.

While Crozier's actions may have seemed excessive or unprofessional at the time, and could certainly justify his removal from command, hindsight now reveals that he was acting in the best interest of his crew, and the drastic actions he requested were actually needed, as over 800 sailors aboard his vessel ended up testing positive for the potentially lethal coronavirus.



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