Australian LAVs Attack Taliban Positions With 25mm Cannon

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Published Oct. 20, 2020

During a lull in the LAV fire an Australian soldier (who would later go on to earn a Medal for Gallantry in a seperate incident) ran across an open field of 50m to two of the enemy firing positions - threw smoke in each compound (which can be seen in the video) - before running back to the friendly location.

During an IED exploitation a platoon of Australian Soldiers is ambushed by a large force of insurgents.

The insurgents engaged from three firing positions with a volley of RPGs and PKM fire suppressing and dislocating the Australian position.

The force ratio is believed to be around 1:1. and the range to the target is approximatley 2500m.

Upon returning fire and regaining the initiative, the soldiers called for attack helicopter and ASLAV support.

The footage picks up from the call for fire to the LAVs' and was taken from a handheld camera.

Please watch the entire duration as there is pretty consistent fire throughout with pauses as the fire is re directed.

During some of the lulls in the LAV fire you can hear the ongoing contact in the distance.



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