Military Suspends All Deployments, Redeployments, Exercises, And Travel

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Published Sept. 23, 2020

The US military has just suspended all deployments, redeployments, exercises, and travel for the entire force for three months as a result of the spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

“Approximately 90,000 service members slated to deploy or redeploy over the next 60 days will likely be impacted by this stop movement order,” the Pentagon press release stated.

The Pentagon is now taking this drastic step after current Covid-19 coronavirus data revealed that the military has a significantly higher infection rate of the virus compared to the general US civilian population. The number of infected troops jumped 60 percent this week.

The higher infection rate among troops isn't surprising considering the recent images and gripes posted by service members on social media showing mass formations and other activities that keep troops in close proximity to one another in large numbers.

Imagine coming to the end of a brutal combat deployment, only to be told that you will not be leaving the theater of operations for another three months at a minimum. Not cool.

The following video by Sgt. Marc Morgenstern of the 107th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment shows members of the Florida National Guard operating a COVID-19 drive-through test site on March 25th for citizens over 65-yers-old. I'm pretty sure they took a brain sample from the dude at the end.



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