Kurds Use Modified Recreational Drone To Drop Improvised Bombs Accurately

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Published Nov. 18, 2020

A video reportedly filmed on Oct. 20, 2020 shows the Kurdish PKK separatist group using a modified recreational multicopter drone to drop improvised explosives with great accuracy onto a Turkish military base.

A close look at the warheads shows what appears to be shuttlecock tail fins fashioned from water bottles and taped to an improvised explosive with a point detonating fuse likely from some sort of projectile grenade or mortar round.

While the operation itself doesn't appear to have resulted in any casualties or significant destruction to enemy property, the attack will certainly have a psychological effect on the Turkish troops, now knowing that they are possibly being watched from above by explosive-laden drones. The video also demonstrates the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the guerrilla force.



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