China Is Rounding Up All Black People And Forcing Them Out Onto The Street

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

Videos are currently being uploaded to Twitter and other social media platforms showing Chinese authorities evicting black people en masse and forcing them from their residences and out onto the streets.

They are being forced out of their homes into the rain and without shelter, and are only allowed to bring whatever personal belongings they can carry or happen to be holding at the time they are detained.

Various videos show the targeted demographic being herded down the street like cattle by uniformed officers. China is now blaming the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on immigrants and foreigners, especially black ones.

A recent state news release by China Xinhua News likely indicates the reasoning behind China's heavy-handed persecution of black people. The video cites the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics that identified the disproportionately higher number of COVID-19 infection numbers and deaths within black communities in the US.

Although the Chinese news cast does mention the general disparity in living conditions and lower incomes that are the likely the reasons for the higher numbers of infected black Americans, rather than the black people themselves, the videos showing them evicting people of color en masse indicates that they don't comprehend the nuances of such data. The Chinese news video discussing the high US black infection rate is embedded below.



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