Saudi Coalition Precision Airstrikes Crush Rebels In Yemen (March 2020)

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Published Sept. 23, 2020

The Saudi coalition operating in Yemen released a precision airstrike video reportedly showing the targeting of an “outlaw armed group” near the city of Sana’a, on or around Mar. 7, 2020. It isn’t clear from the information provided with the video release if these targets belong to the Houthi rebel insurgent group, or if they are simply a criminal gang taking advantage of the dire situation in Yemen. An interesting point to takeaway is the Saudi video editor’s significant attempt to point out various weapon systems within the frame to alleviate any backlash or accusations of targeting civilians. Also note that the accuracy of their strikes appears to exceed that of Russian “precision” strikes in Syria. The Saudis are likely using higher quality, American-made munitions.



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