Fired Carrier Theodore Roosevelt Captain Tests Positive For COVID-19

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

Captain Crozier, who was recently fired for a leaked email that begged the Navy for help as COVID-19 infections spread among his crew, has now tested positive himself for the coronavirus.

Crozier was said to have been experiencing symptoms just days prior to being relieved of his command. He now sits in quarantine in Guam with a dry, raspy cough. It's not clear from the reports whether he tested positive prior to being fired.

The source of the leaked email hasn't been revealed, but Crozier likely knew he was going to be fired for his actions. He bypassed his commander and sent out the distress email via unclassified, unsecured means. Apparently, his reports to his boss, Rear Adm. Stuart P. Baker, commander of the entire carrier strike group, had been downplayed and not acted upon in an effective manner. The day before the leaked email surfaced, even Defense Secretary Esper was downplaying the COVID-19 infections aboard the carrier.

While Cozier's dedication to the well-being of his sailors is certainly commendable, the leaked email announced to the world that a significant arm of our military force in the Pacific was out of commission, so no one should be surprised or outraged by the firing.

The following US Navy video, filmed by Seaman Jonathan Berlier, shows an aerial view of Naval Base Guam.



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