Armenians Shoot Down Azeri Unmanned AN-2 Colt Biplane

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Published Oct. 29, 2020

Armenian forces reportedly used a man portable air defense system (MANPADS) to shoot down an Azeri unmanned AN-2 Colt biplane.

Turkish troll brigades took to the internet to claim that the Azeris intentionally used it as bait to pinpoint (portable) anti air defenses. That claim is patently false. The AN-2 Colt is an extremely useful utility plane, and the Azeris have modified them to operate unmanned while carrying 1,000 pounds worth of explosive payload. This plane was destroyed before its mission was complete. While this loss by the Azeris pales in comparison to the devastation their drone strikes are inflicting upon the Armenian forces, to suggest it was an intentional loss is absurd.



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