Venezuelan Patrol Vessel Rams And Shoots At Cruise Ship, Sinks In The Process

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

Videos have emerged from a strange incident in which a Venezuelan patrol vessel fired small arms at a cruise ship and rammed it, but ended up being sunk themselves in international waters.

On March 30th, 2020, the Venezuelan ANBV Naiguatá (GC-23) fired at and rammed the Portugal-flagged, Germany-based Columbia cruise ship RCGS Resolute in the Caribbean Sea. It is believed that the Venezuelans were trying to seize the cruise ship and force it into Venezuelan waters.

The crew of the Venezuelan patrol vessel didn't take into account that the Resolute had a heavy duty reinforced hull, designed to smash through ice sheets while touring Antarctica. Immediately after ramming the cruise ship, the ANBV Naiguatá began taking on water and sunk more than 12 nautical miles from Venezuelan territorial waters. All 40 of the Venezuelan sailors were later rescued from the sea.



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