Troops Returning From War Quarantined, Denied Water And Bathroom

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Published Sept. 23, 2020

Soldiers returning from Middle Eastern battlefields have been quarantined into cramped barracks and are being denied bathroom access and rationed water amounts. The unacceptable living conditions were reported by redeploying troops at Fort Bliss as well as Fort Bragg on their social media accounts. Images of small-portioned, bland meals on styrofoam trays circulated on Facebook and Instagram. Senior Army leaders took action once the social media posts began gaining traction. The military is imposing a two-week quarantine on returning service members to monitor for the Covid-19 coronavirus. Massive tent cities have been set up in training areas to facilitate the process and house troops before exposing them to the general population. Other reports indicate that some troops will be returning from Iraq earlier than planned because the entire anti-ISIS training mission has been put on hold because of the virus. They are being consolidated on a few bases in preparation for the withdrawal. The following video shows the Florida National Guard training on equipment and procedures necessary to deal with the virus.



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