The Sky Is Not The Limit: New Space Force Recruiting Ad

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Published Nov. 2, 2020

The US Space Force has just released a new recruitment video in hopes of filling its ranks with the best and brightest candidates to take on our nation's enemies in the final frontier... space.

The ad has a very familiar cadence, echoing powerful values heard in recruitment campaigns of past generations, yet highlighting a subject matter that once seemed like science fiction.

The narrative of the video dishes out some real zingers and also provides hints as to what the Space Force mission is all about. Some key points and one-liners are as follows:

"Space ... is absolutely critical to the modern way of war."

"Earth is only half the battle."

"At 17,000 mph, a piece of metal the size of a coin can be weaponized."

"It's time for another giant leap."

"When foreign powers can build bases on the dark side of the moon ... when private companies are building a new economies beyond our planet..."

"We'll fight in an environment with no up or down ... no borders ... nowhere to hide."




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