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UPDATE: 1.1 Patch Is Live!

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Published Dec. 18, 2020

We just released the 1.1 update to the new Funker530 website! Thank you to the 1000+ members who have already created Funker accounts and started testing out all the features, you guys are keeping us motivated to dedicate more time to new features and updates. The 1.1 update today includes the following changes and fixes:


- Resized video player on desktop to be much larger. - Latest videos are now listed in the proper order. - Content area is now properly centered on mobile. - Reduced font size on mobile to allow for more content on screen. - Moved comments above recommended videos for ease of access. - Added properly themed buttons to the comment section. - Pop-up tool-tips now appear properly. - Added link to our store and discord in the sidebar. - Added icons for categories and menu items. - Category titles are now clickable and lead to those categories. - Added link to recent videos and user accounts on mobile menu. - Browser tabs now display the proper name of the video you're watching. - Broken "See all categories" button removed from mobile home page.


- Improved servers to increase site speed when traffic is high. This is a work in progress and under heavy load, like right after a FB post, the site may take 5-10 seconds to display a page. Most times pages should load within 2-3 seconds. - Resolved the DDOS issue that was plaguing the site for the last week. - Actively working towards a full server overhaul which should be done this month, and keep page loads below 3 seconds at all times.

Upcoming Updates for December: - Subscription email notifications will start being sent out for new content uploads. - A full server overhaul to better handle traffic spikes and keep load times below 3 seconds at all times. - Further improvements and features added to the comment system. - Ability for users to submit their own content and videos for publishing. - Far more daily content added to the site.

This new website project has become an obsession for me, and the incredible veteran run web development company Hammrtech LLC has taken the time to train me on how to manage the site and implement all the visual changes listed above myself. I'm working towards making the site as feature rich as YouTube, and our tiny team is doing our best to give our community the best experience possible.

If you have any recommendations for the site or notice any bugs, please DM the page or email me at [email protected]



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