Ukrainian Body Armor Salesman Puts Product To The Ultimate Test

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Published Oct. 16, 2020

A video that will be sure to trigger your yikes comes from Ukrainian Armor (UARM), a body armor company that stands behind their product, literally.

This isn't actually the first time we posted a UARM video. In 2018 they had a riflemen shoot an AK round at a man wearing body armor, with successful results. The marketing stunt is surely effective, but the risk is great. Bullets often do unpredictable things. While the ballistic plate may be of the highest quality, the projectile itself may shatter, haw, or separate from its jacket, sending unexpected deadly shards into the arms, neck, or groin… but, hey, it worked. I’m now convinced and just spent ten minutes looking at their products.

NOTE: If you have to be told not to try this at home... you might be doing the gene pool a favor if you did.



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