Turkey Test Launches Russian-made S-400 Air Defense System

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Published Oct. 25, 2020

Turkey has drawn further NATO condemnation by launching a Russian-made S-400 air defense system over the Black Sea on Oct. 16, 2020.

Turkey's ambitions to employ the Russian system compromises the NATO security apparatus. The US has now threatened serious consequences, of which have yet to come to fruition. Recently, Turkey tested the S-400 radar portion by locking onto to a NATO F-16, which drew sharp criticism from the Western alliance.

Previously, Turkey's S-400 deal with Russia resulted in their suspension from the F-35 program and threats of sanctions.

The system was designed to shoot down advanced stealth aircraft like the F-35, and the rest of NATO is rightly concerned that the Russian system operating within the alliance’s defenses is an obvious breach of security which will result in data leaks to the Russians regarding highly classified information regarding the West’s advanced aircraft and air defense operating procedures.



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