Room Clearing Drill Is A Fratricide Nightmare... But really Fun To Watch

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Published Jan. 5, 2021

If you ever wanted a clear demonstration of what not to do during Battle Drill #6, you have come to the right place.

While extremely entertaining to watch, this video is 100% cringe. Yes, violence of action is key. Yes, everything in that room would have been dead, but when applied to the risk/reward consideration matrix, this is awful. Imagine being the dude carrying the ballistic shield while your buddy's muzzle erupts with cyclic death directly over your melon.

While no helmet cam footage is believed to exist of the Spetsnaz 2002 Moscow theater raid in which 130 hostages died, mostly at the hands of the Russian government... I'm guessing the "hostage rescue" tactics would have looked similar to what is presented in this video.



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