PKK Fighter Films Own Death In Botched Raid

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

A video reportedly from the summer of 2019 shows a Kurdish PKK fighter filming his own death in a botched raid against a Turkish military outpost.

Without much information to go on, it appears the Kurdish militant was sneaking into place for an attack against the Turks when he got careless about exposing himself to enemy sentries. A lone Turkish soldier can be seen silhouetted against the sky, atop a rock outcropping.

In the dozens of successful HPG/PKK raids we have seen, the Turks are normally complacent and unwatchful. This time is different. Whether the enemy troops were actually standing guard, or just happened to see the PKK fighter isn't clear.

The base defenses open fire, and the Kurd makes the ill-fated decision to retreat across the open, rather than taking cover behind the rocks and risk getting pinned down. He runs only a couple meters before he is shot down. The audio suggests an instantaneous death.



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