Kurds Hit Multiple Turkish Military Targets In Afrin, Syria Attack

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Published Oct. 24, 2020

The Kurdish Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) pulled off a complex attack against Turkish military forces in the town of Jindires, in the Afrin District of the Aleppo Governorate, Syria on Sep. 12, 2020.

According to the HRE's unverified claims; 7 Turkish soldiers were killed with an additional 10 wounded, and two light armored vehicles and one tank were destroyed in the operation. The various Kurdish factions continue to demonstrate their proficiency in infiltration of both remote and urban landscapes. In this instance, they were able to sneak a significant amount of heavy firepower, including several ATGMs, into a heavily populated and militarized area without detection. The video ends with a massive explosion, quite possibly some sort of VBIED.



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