Kurdistan Counter Terror Unit Puts RPG-7 And AT4 To The Test

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Published Oct. 16, 2020

An interesting comparison video produced by the Kurdistan Counter Terror Unit of northern Iraq puts the Soviet-developed RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launcher to a penetration test against the Swedish-developed M136 AT4 rocket launcher.

Dark humor can be found in the fact that the targets they are using are concrete bunkers that were built to keep troops safe in the event of an attack, and we can see that both warheads ripped entirely through the fortifications. The test itself doesn't prove much besides a warhead from either will wreck your day.

Some other comparisons to consider between the two weapon systems is that the AT4 is much more accurate and has greater range. Although we couldn't tell from the video, the AT4 has better anti tank capabilities. However, the unit is extremely bulky and is a one-time use weapon.

The RPG-7 launcher can be quickly loaded and reloaded and use different types of warheads for different applications, ranging from anti tank to anti personnel. The RPG is more practical. You can stuff a backpack with another five rounds, significantly increasing your unit's combat effectiveness. Additionally, in my experience, the RPG-7 is rarely on accountability handbooks... ;)



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