Kurdish Guerrillas Assault Into Turkish Military Base At Night

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Published Oct. 20, 2020

Kurdish separatists of the HPG militant arm of the PKK recorded a nighttime assault against a Turkish military base in the vicinity of the Heftanin region along the Iraq-Turkey border on Jun. 21, 2020.

Most of you will begin watching this and say to yourselves, "I can't see anything." That is the entire point you should be considering. These insurgents can't see either. They don't have night vision, and some of the Turkish soldiers likely do, especially the ones on guard. Additionally, they're attacking straight into flood lights, making it even harder for them to see, while being easy to identify by their enemy.

Many of the HPG raid videos show daytime assaults. This has likely caused the Turkish troops to modify their heightened alert levels to hours of visibility, while relaxing heightened force protection measures at night. Although the effectiveness of this attack isn't clear, it probably caught the Turkish soldiers by surprise.



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