Helmet Cam: Philippine Special Forces Conduct Daring Rescue Under Fire

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Published Oct. 22, 2020

Helmet Cam footage from Task Force Marawi shows members of the Philippine Special Forces conduct a daring rescue under fire from Islamic State militants. When two engineers are wounded in the open, and pinned down by withering fire from members of the Islamic State, these guys jump into action to rescue their brothers. If you’ve never seen heroism before, you’re about to get a small dose of it. This is what heroes look like.

During the battle for Marawi, heroes were born. As in all conflicts, some soldiers will appear that will become more than they ever thought they could be. In this video, we get photographic evidence that immortalizes the actions of a few soldiers who lay everything on the line to save two of their wounded brothers.

They get a call on the radio saying that two engineers were wounded, and are currently pinned down by withering fire from the enemy. Immediately the soldiers rush into action to get the wounded soldiers off of the x, and get them the life saving aid that they desperately need.

The planning for their rescue mission is conducted ad hoc in the armored vehicle they are using to make the rescue. In a hasty fashion, they come up with a quick rescue strategy that involves heavy suppressing fire from the vehicle they are in, effective use of smoke grenades, and a small contingent of soldiers with cojones so large, they need a wheel barrow to carry them around. When they arrive at the position in contest, they move into action in a swift fashion with zero hesitation. Because of their actions, two men will ultimately survive a near-fatal situation.

This video was recorded during the Battle for Marawi against the Islamic State as the terror organization attempted to gain a foothold in the Philippines. It shows a group of soldiers banding together to rescue two of their brothers, and was recorded in the early afternoon of July 16, 2017. Clips of this video have circulated the internet for some time, primarily in mashups released by the soldiers who were there. This is the first time that the video itself has been released showing only the footage from this rescue in a mostly raw format.

Events transpired in this order. A call comes in about the two engineers that have been wounded by sniper fire, and explains the situation. They are pinned down by heavy fire from the enemy, and the troops that are there do not have a way to maneuver out and rescue them. An armored vehicle with a small team of Philippine Special Forces soldiers are dispatched to give aid to the wounded troops. They plan to utilize the armor of the vehicle, and its devastating firepower to overwhelm the enemy’s position long enough to rescue the wounded engineers while using smoke as concealment. PFC Estanoco, a Philippine Special Forces Soldier, braves the enemy fire first and pulls one engineer out. On his way to rescue the second engineer, he is shot in the leg and continues to drag himself back towards the armored vehicle. PFC Estanoco is then rescued by BGen Macario, and three other soldiers move to rescue the remaining engineer.

This is the footage in the rawest format that has been released by the government of the Philippines.



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