"God Cam" Records Taliban IED Receiving Hellfire Missile

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Published Oct. 24, 2020

“God Cam” footage from Helmand province in 2009 shows two Taliban insurgents planting an improvised explosive device on a road that was being regularly used by ISAF units.

The insurgents park their bike perpendicular across the road way in order to hide behind it while they perform their work. An armed, unmanned drone sends a precision munition at them, and the Taliban fighters run into each other trying to get away. Their attempts were futile, and the hellfire missile finds its mark. At first it looks as if the motorcycle is launched, burning into the water, but when the smoke clears the bike is laying smoldering still on the road. This means that it was more than likely one or both of their bodies that got covered in the contents of the ignited fuel tank as they were thrown into the river.



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