Number Of Coronavirus Cases Spikes 31% Among Service Members

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Published Sept. 23, 2020

With the increasing ability to test for the coronavirus, it is being discovered that the infection rate among the active military force is increasing as the virus spreads. There are currently 67 troops infected with COVID-19, and 51 of those cases were confirmed yesterday. Additionally, 15 Defense Department civilians, 26 dependents, and 16 contractors have tested positive as well. The infection spiked 31% among troops and 60% in dependents. While those coronavirus infection numbers may not seem concerning, an alarming article on Army Times described the Army in chaos through interviews with soldiers. One soldier was stuck in Germany with his wife and kids after clearing post. They have no car, no household goods, and he is still required to report to work everyday. Another soldier traveling on TDS in his personally owned vehicle was called an told to return to his original base… after already driving 900 miles. He is getting the run-around on reimbursement. Soldiers returning from Afghanistan are being held in quarantine. Soldiers that are supposed to be deploying to Iraq, are being restricted on post indefinitely. Their pre-deployment leave has been cancelled. A 10th Mountain soldier at Ft. Polk said, “There are many soldiers who have coughs but are not tested … Social distancing is non-existent and formations are still held.” The following video shows a disinfecting operation between South Korean and US troops.



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