Cop Gets Rushed By Knife-Wielding Attacker, Neutralizes Threat

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Published Oct. 16, 2020

CCTV security footage shows an intense deadly altercation between a police officer and a knife-wielding attacker.

From the video we can see the two rapidly enter the frame as the attacker holds a knife and is well within stabbing/slashing distance of the officer. The cop proves to be surprisingly nimble on his feet as he maintains a backward run, a parry, and a kick to keep distance between himself and the threat.

He then turns into a forward sprint and draws his weapon. The attacker closes the distance and the cop turns back to face him and trips over a raised curb. The attacker falls onto and over him, which allows the officer to get to his feet, achieve a firing stance, and neutralize the man with multiple shots.

The footage ends with a heartbreaking scene as the now dead man's family rushes to the body in horrid disbelief with gestures toward the policeman that seem to ask "why?" as if he had any other choice.



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