Captured US Mercenary Interrogated On Video In Venezuela

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Published Oct. 16, 2020

A video was published on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's Youtube channel showing the interrogation of former US Army Green Beret Luke Denman, 34, who was reportedly captured attempting to invade Venezuela and overthrow the government with a band of mercenaries. Another former Green Beret, Airan Berry, 41, was also detained in the incident.

Venezuela's Maduro said, "They are convicts, confessed, caught red-handed and are being judged by the republic's attorney general, by Venezuela's civil courts, and the process will be full of guarantees and fair."

The US government denied any involvement in the failed operation. The US mercenary team was working for Silvercorp USA, a private security firm that claims to have landed a $200 million contract with the US-recognized opposition government.



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