Body Cam Footage From SVBIED Attack On French Foreign Legion In Mali

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Published Oct. 20, 2020

Body cam footage has surfaced documenting a July 1, 2018 SVBIED attack against French troops operating in Gao, Mali, in which four French soldiers were wounded as well as four civilians killed and over 20 civilians wounded.

The aftermath footage shows dismounted 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e Régiment Étranger d'Infanterie, 2e REI) soldiers of the French Foreign Legion evacuating badly wounded comrades to a casualty collection point where they are being treated for their injuries while they wait for extraction.

The targeted French unit was rolling in a column of three VBCI armored infantry fighting vehicles and reportedly had dismounts out as well, with a total of 30 troops at the time of the attack. France has been conducting anti terror missions inside Mali for years. Their current commitment is called Operation Barkhane and it spans the Sahel region of Africa which includes; Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania. and Niger. They undertake this massive mission with a force of only 5,000 troops.



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