Azerbaijan TB-2 Drone Destroys 4 Armenian BM-21 Grad Missile Launchers

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Published Nov. 2, 2020

A video release by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense claims to show the targeting and destruction of four Armenian BM-21 Grad mobile multi launch rocket systems (MLRS).

The repetitiveness of these continued strike video releases by Azerbaijan suggests that the frontline Armenian troops are not being made aware of the extent of the TB2 and Harop drone threat or the their staggering losses, because no measures appear to be taken to mitigate such threats.

Military vehicles remain parked in the open, with no overhead cover or concealment of any kind, and troops continue to scatter to trenches that also provide no overhead cover or concealment. The Armenians present a defense posture in preparation for a force-on-force ground war, yet continue to get wrecked from the air.



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