Armenian Ambush Destroys Azeri Tank And Armored Truck

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Published Nov. 5, 2020

The Armenian Ministry Of Defense released a video showing an ambush against an Azeri military convoy resulting in the neutralization of an armored truck as well as a main battle tank.

From the video we can see the armored truck crew attempt to turn around an escape the kill zone, but unfortunately for them, there is an RPG team waiting along the roadside, which makes a direct impact on their vehicle.

Immediately following that, the tank rips forward into the kill zone with unknown intentions. He may be trying to present an aggressive appearance to scare away the attackers, but an anti tank guided missile is on its way from well behind the ambush team. It appears to strike the tank low and forward in the track area. The Armenians immediately cut the remainder of the video from the release, which could hint at the hit not being as effective as reported. Although, the vehicle is likely crippled.

The clips show improved production value on the part of the Armenians, which are regularly phone recordings of computer screen and extremely low quality video. They are likely seeing the importance of getting digestible information out to the world.



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