Another Azerbaijan Drone Video Shows Unsustainable Armenian Losses

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Published Oct. 25, 2020

Another Azerbaijan drone strike video, released on Oct. 20, 2020, shows Armenian losses at an unsustainable rate.

While the Armenians have released multiple videos showing accurate artillery strikes against Azeri bases and sending enemy forces into retreat, the absolute one-sided onslaught due to Azeri aerial superiority cannot be ignored. Since the start of the recent fighting, the Azeris have released videos like this every couple of days, showing dozens of enemy fighters killed. The Armenians seem to have no defense against the Azerbaijan drone attacks, and because of that; their tank fleets have been decimated, their logistics continue to be targeted, and their frontline infantry troops obliterated. They cannot prepare large offensive operations without it being observed and countered. Their best bet may be to dig in to a stalemate trench war and hope for international influence in their favor.



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