Acting Navy Secretary Resigns Following Uncouth Firing Of Carrier Captain

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Published Sept. 24, 2020

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has officially resigned following the uncouth dismissal of Capt. Brett Crozier, the former skipper of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

Modly fired Crozier for an email that was leaked to the media that highlighted the worsening spread of COVID-19 aboard the Theodore Roosevelt. The email bypassed Crozier's chain of command and was sent via an unsecured platform.

For those two reasons, Modly would have been justified in dismissing Crozier, but the way in which it was handled left much to be desired as Modly resorted to name-calling and attempts at character assassination. However, Crozier's military career has been legitimate, first flying helicopters, then jets, and eventually commanding a carrier.

Defense Secretary Esper has now appointed acting United States Under Secretary of the Army James McPherson as the new acting Secretary of the Navy. Captain Crozier has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus and is receiving treatment in quarantine.

The following leaked soundbite captures some of Modly's verbal attacks against Crozier, and is ironic considering what he's saying and the outcome of his speech. Keep in mind that he was addressing Crozier's former crew when he said it, and they view Crozier as a man who sacrificed his career to save them.



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