2 Insurgents Get Chewed Up By US Army Engineers In Iraq

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Published Sept. 25, 2020

We had previously uploaded this video with an incorrect description claiming the engaging unit was Marines in Afghanistan, when in fact, it was Army engineers of B team, 3rd platoon, 72nd MAC, 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Infantry division that were killing insurgents in Balad, Iraq, near LSA Anaconda in 2007.

The following is the SIGACT report narrative: 3/72/1 EN was patrolling west on ASR DOVER (TAI MD) in a platoon file. At 1920 EOD observed one individual acting suspicious in VIC of CP T**. Patrol Leader stayed back to continue observing suspect with the vehicle’s gyro cam. At 1930, a second individual arrived with 1x AK-47. Patrol Leader sent patrol to T** in a mock route clearance while Patrol Leader continued to monitor the two suspects. Patrol Leader then radioed to TBG33 (SGT M****) to ask IP at CP T** if they had any patrols out there. IP responded by saying they had 3 IA with 3x AK-47. When Patrol Leader did not observe said patrol, Patrol Leader called Warhorse x-ray and asked if there were any IA patrols in the vicinity of CP T** grid MC ****. Warhorse x-ray informed Patrol Leader there was no IA patrols in the vicinity of T**. Patrol Leader continued to monitor the two suspects. One suspect was then observed getting up onto the berm on the opposite (S) side of the canal, take something out of his pocket what appeared to be a radio or cell phone dial it, and hold it up in the air as if he was calling a RCIED. After doing this for a few minutes, the two suspects moved to the tree line, returned to the berm and moved west on the south side of the canal to the bridge and cross over to the north side of the canal. They began moving tactically east along the backside of the berm looking east and west on ASR Dover as if they were looking for a target, or to reset their IED or get into better range. They continued to move east until the suspect with the phone noticed the Patrol Leader’s vehicle 72E533 (RG-31) directly in front of them and began moving back west in a hurry. Patrol Leader then gave chase in RG-31 while gunner (PFC L****) fired a pen flare at said suspects, causing them to run towards and across the bridge. Gunner then engaged said suspects with M4 and M2 .50cal. The suspect with the AK-47 was wounded in the leg with M2 .50cal. The suspect with the phone was possibly wounded as well, but fled south/southwest until gunner and gyro cam lost contact. AWT was requested through Warhorse x-ray, but none were available. Gunner and gyro cam operator (SPC R*******) continued to scan while Patrol Leader had dismounts move onto the EWIA . The 1 X EWIA identified himself as ** *****. EWIA was found in a ditch with a severed leg and treated by Patrol Medic (SPC S******), who also prepped him for CASEVAC to FOB Paliwoda along with 1x AK-47 and 3x mags at 2043. Ground evac was done by SSG S****** with vehicles 72E37 (M1114) and 72E532 (RG-31). RP’ed FOB PALIWODA at 2100 and turned EWIA over to FOB Paliwoda’s aid station with PFC V******* as a guard. SSG S****** SP’ed FOB Paliwoda at approximately 2130 and returned to patrols cordon as patrol was finishing up search of the area. The crow gunner for 72E37 (SGT M*********) observed a flashing red LED light on the south side of Dover. 72E503 interrogated and confirmed a RCIED buried on the south side of ASR DOVER next to JERSEY BARRIER at GRID MC ****. All other vehicles in the patrol executed 5/25 checks and set site security Buffalo checked for secondarys. EOD dismantled and conducted a control detonation of the IED. Patrol Cleared site at 2346 and RP’ed FOB Paliwoda at 0000. EOD linked up with * and turned over all components and evidence. Patrol Leader reported to S-3 and S-2 with key personnel for debriefing. Patrol SP’ed FOB PALIWODA at 0230. 3/72/1 continued mission.



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